Why Do I Need A Dentist

Do I Really Need A Dentist

I think from time to time we really wonder…do I need a dentist?  Why should I pay someone to look at my teeth, when they feel fine?  Well, take it from me, everyone needs a dentist.  And in Cedar Park, dentist offices are around every corner.  I found an article which gives you the reasons why you need a dentist.  Here is the article, click here.

And then there are these reasons:

Saves Money

do I need a dentist

yes you go to a dentist twice a year for cleanings and do what the dentist tells you to do and
then you do not have to pay for a root canal or crowns or bridges or any other dental procedures like that.
More money in your pocket means more shoes or clothes or savings or something!

You Look “Mahvelous”

having a great smile requires great teeth.  A nice set of white teeth always make you look great when you flash that great smile…and who does’nt like a good smile…

And speaking of “mahvelous”, look at this great set of braces…

You Feel “Mahvelous”

I know that whenever I get back from a cleaning my teeth feel great.  Heck even after I brush my teeth, my teeth feel great…so feel “mahvelous”.

Your Breath Smells Great

Dentist Cedar Park

Okay, so if you eat some onions, your breath will not smell as good as it can, but just in general.  If you take care of your teeth and gums, your breath will smell better than someone who does not take care of their teeth and gums!  And when it comes to the opposite sex, we want our breath to smell super!!

You Take Great Pictures

Yes, with a great smile, you take great pictures and that IS important. Here is one great picture that you get to take when you go see a dentist.


So when you put all these reasons together you gain confidence.  Being confident is key to all kinds of things, from your job to your love life, a confident person is truly attractive.

OMG, all these reasons have got me all fired up!  I am going to go brush my teeth, right now, how about you?

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