Baby Teeth… They Are Outta There

Pulling Of The Teeth

So my 13 year old went to her local Austin dentist today and got three baby teeth yanked.  It tool about 30 minutes and everything went well.  Our Austin dentist is a true professional.  So, that got me to start thinking about kids and teeth and then I found this cool video:

The doctor told me that our permanent teeth are supposed to come up and push our baby teeth right out, severing the baby root in the process.  However sometimes the permanent tooth will come in crooked and thus not push the baby tooth out.  So, that is when we have to visit the dentist to get those stubborn teeth pulled out.  My daughter was a trooper…the doctor gave her at least 4 injections to deaden the area surrounding the tooth.  It was very interesting to see the doctor pull the teeth.  He grab the teeth with some super shiny pliers and then moved the tooth back and forth till it came out.  I think he pulled like four teeth.  The holes bled and bled throughout the day, but toward the end of the night, the bleeding had stopped and she was eating a grilled cheese.  Anyway it was a good day and my daughter got to eat two milk shakes for lunch and dinner!

toothBy the way, the whole process took about thirty minutes.  I think the shots took more time than the actual pulling of the teeth.  My daughter said she felt some pressure but nothing major.  She did have to have a couple of pain reducers throughout the day, but she still was okay enough to watch tv and read.

Every time I visit this doctors office I am amazed at how they work.  It is like a conveyor belt.  There is one patient in each room and the doctor goes from room to room.  He looks, prods and then evaluates what needs to be done.  He then will issue some orders to the nurse, take some action and then he is on to the next patient.


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A Dentist Visit

To An Austin Dentist

I hope that all is going well for you on this first day of the new year.

Tomorrow, I am taking my 13 year old daughter to one of the great local Austin dentist for three baby teeth extractions.  At first thought, three teeth extractions sounds a bit extreme, but I have all the confidence in our dentist.  And as I researched this I found out that it was a common occurrence, and it is really no big deal.  I guess I can see as the teeth are baby teeth and should not have a deep root.  Anyway, we will be at the dentist office tomorrow at 11:00 to have her teeth pulled.  My daughter already has her braces on and we debated when to put her braces on before or after the teeth extraction and we went with before, and both the dentist and the orthodontist said it was no big deal to do either way.

Here is a picture of her xray:

photo (3)


If you look close, you can see the baby teeth.  Right in the middle you can see two on the upper part of the mouth…very cool.

Talking to my daughter today, she doesn’t seemed concern and neither am I.  Two doctors that we have talked to both said and acted like it was not big deal.  That being said, we will see when we go visit the doctor tomorrow.  Ah, yes going to see the dentist is always fun.  But I guess it is not supposed to be, they are there to educate and help us maintain our teeth.

If you have had to take your daughter to a local Austin dentist to get some baby teeth pulled out, please leave me a comment with your experiences.  Thanks for coming by to see my post and we will see you soon, again…bye!