Whitening Your Teeth

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Family DentistrySo, are you getting ready to bleach your teeth (teeth whitening), but you’re just unsure on what to expect? Well, let me explain to you on what you should expect while you’re bleaching your teeth.

In House Or Dentist’s Office

Now, depending on what type of treatment you’re going to have to bleach your teeth, whether it’s the in-office procedure, or the take home bleaching kit, you definitely would need to expect first and foremost you might have some sensitivity with bleaching due to the fact that; especially if you never bleached before, then you’d be more susceptible for sensitivity, because the bleach is actually, it’s removing the stains and it’s microscopically you know entering into your dental enamel.

Sensitive Teeth

Smiling Queen - Cedar Park Dentist - Bleaching Your Teeth So, what happens when that, when that happens is you tend to have some sensitivity with that. Also too, if you bleach your teeth too much you can actually bleach your teeth to where they become translucent on the edges of your tooth. You can actually start to; it’s like almost like a gray-white translucent type appearance, so you really have to be careful on not to bleach your teeth too much.

Recurring Stains

And also too, after bleaching your teeth, or you know rough out the process of bleaching your teeth  you definitely will need to expect that you might get what we call is reoccurring stains as with anything. It’s like staining a white T-shirt. Any type of food products that you consume as far as like coffee, caffeine, coke, you know mustard, wine, soy sauce, any type of products that can stain a white T-shirt will stain your teeth, because your teeth are very porous after you bleach them. So, expect reccurring stains, some sensitivity, but you know address these issues with your general dentist, so therefore he might be able to prescribe some fluoride treatments for you, or an over the counter Sensodyne toothpaste that you can purchase.  – eHow

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What Does A Dentist Do?


Cedar Park Dentist Chair

This is what a typical dental treatment room looks like. What we have here basically this is the patient chair and this is where the patient sits. A dentist sits typically kind of right around the chair itself  and works on the patient usually around this angle. Basically a dentist is a type of health professional that deals with the mouth. More specifically they look at the teeth and the gums and any of the supporting structures that hold the teeth for example the bone. A simple thing such as if you are doing fillings, removing cavities, taking out teeth that cannot be fixed, or trying to restore an infected tooth. Those are typical responsibilities that we see as a dentist.

Often times we have to be put in a position where we have to evaluate whether or not a tooth can be fixed or not and if so how you can go about having it fixed. That is kind of where it kind of dwells into different  subcategories of dentistry.

General Dentist

A general dentist is basically kind of a jack of all trades when talking about evaluating, diagnosing and treating conditions that are in the mouth. As far as my job responsibilities obviously we would do a comprehensive exam on every patient that comes in, gets a comprehensive exam. So we are basically counting the teeth. We are evaluating the condition of the teeth, checking for cavities, checking for existing fillings, checking the integrity of everything that is in the mouth. Not only is it checking the teeth but we are also checking the gums because we are trying to rule out if a patient has a gum disease. So it is an evaluation of basically of the teeth and the gums and making a diagnosis again of is it something that is fixable or not and how you go about fixing it.


Cedar Park Dental
Cedar Park Dental

When you get farther into it we have a lot of different responsibilities such as we call it restorative. Restorative meaning fillings so we also deal with fixing broken teeth or taking cavities out of teeth but also diagnosing gum conditions. We also review X-rays. We take a lot of X-rays and we are reviewing for disease and pathology and stuff like that. There are other things too that we do, not just from a diagnostic standpoint or a restorative standpoint but we also do replacement options. So if the patient comes in and they have missing teeth one of our job responsibilities is trying a treatment plan, the different alternatives for that patient to be able to get replacements for those teeth. You can get more specialized such as what is called a periodontist which their specialty basically relies on looking and analyzing the gum and the bones of the mouth.

Oral Surgeon

Then you have something like an oral surgeon and they deal with more difficult extractions or removing teeth or weird pathologies and disease that we see on the jaw and on the bone. An endodontist is basically a root canal specialist. They deal with dealing with more difficult root canals that often times a general dentist cannot manage.

Pediatric Dentist

Cedar Park Dental
Cedar Park Dental

There is also what is called a pediatric dentist and they basically manage children anywhere from the ages of six months all the way up to maybe 13 to 14 years old.

There is also was is called a prosthodontist. A prosthodontist deals with prosthesis. So anything that may involve something that is removable that goes in and out of your mouth such as like a denture or they can do something like what are called implants like an artificial tooth replacement. They can also do other things with crowns and bridges, different versions of ways to basically fix your teeth. There is also what is called an oral pathologist which is a specialty person that deals with disease of the skin or medical history, medical history abnormalities or things just overall in the mouth that the general dentist can’t basically diagnose and treat on their own.- expertvillage

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Why Do I Need A Dentist

Cedar Park Dentist Pretty Teeth

Do I Really Need A Dentist

I think from time to time we really wonder…do I need a dentist?  Why should I pay someone to look at my teeth, when they feel fine?  Well, take it from me, everyone needs a dentist.  And in Cedar Park, dentist offices are around every corner.  I found an article which gives you the reasons why you need a dentist.  Here is the article, click here.

And then there are these reasons:

Saves Money

do I need a dentist

yes you go to a dentist twice a year for cleanings and do what the dentist tells you to do and
then you do not have to pay for a root canal or crowns or bridges or any other dental procedures like that.
More money in your pocket means more shoes or clothes or savings or something!

You Look “Mahvelous”

having a great smile requires great teeth.  A nice set of white teeth always make you look great when you flash that great smile…and who does’nt like a good smile…

And speaking of “mahvelous”, look at this great set of braces…

You Feel “Mahvelous”

I know that whenever I get back from a cleaning my teeth feel great.  Heck even after I brush my teeth, my teeth feel great…so feel “mahvelous”.

Your Breath Smells Great

Dentist Cedar Park

Okay, so if you eat some onions, your breath will not smell as good as it can, but just in general.  If you take care of your teeth and gums, your breath will smell better than someone who does not take care of their teeth and gums!  And when it comes to the opposite sex, we want our breath to smell super!!

You Take Great Pictures

Yes, with a great smile, you take great pictures and that IS important. Here is one great picture that you get to take when you go see a dentist.


So when you put all these reasons together you gain confidence.  Being confident is key to all kinds of things, from your job to your love life, a confident person is truly attractive.

OMG, all these reasons have got me all fired up!  I am going to go brush my teeth, right now, how about you?

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